Thursday, November 16, 2006

CareCure Community thread on DMS-3....

A gentleman named Max, who lives in Montreal, is a member of the CareCure community operated through Rutgers University's W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, and The Spinal Cord Injury Project, spotted our news release and was kind enough to start this thread:

Paralyzed Inventor's First Commercial Product Ready For Close-up At 2006 Sema Show. Thank you for sharing our news, Max!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Testimonial: John Belknap

Hey Scott, I'm 6'4 and have been a C5/6 Quad since 1999. I fell asleep in my 90 Mustang GT driving a friend home. Anyways I've been dreaming of a system like the DMS. To be able to drive a cool looking vehicle again from my chair would be so awesome. Thank you for inventing a system that will allow us to be able to do this again and hopefully one day I'll have the pleasure of owning one of your systems.

What you all have done brings back hope to a lot of us wheelers. I've yet to see a mod as clean looking as what the DMS is. To be able to have a truck without a bulky UVL -- plus the truck can be lowered -- is just amazing. My mind has been going every which way full of ideas if I owned a truck. To be able to throw motorcycles in the back and drive my friends to the tracks or just to pull a boat again instead of taking two vehicles would be a huge time plus gas saver. Just think of the reactions the truck would get at car shows or just out in public. Anyways, you have a great looking product and I hope it soars to the top of the market.

Good luck with the system,

John Belknap