Friday, November 09, 2007

Truck World's 2007 SEMA Show Photo Gallery

Click the picture below to check out the 2007 SEMA Show Photo Gallery from Truck World's Brian McCormick.

Sure wish we could have been there this year, but still, we're very thankful for all the exciting things happening here. More news coming soon....

Monday, October 01, 2007

Check out the latest issue of TRUCKS Magazine

The latest issue of TRUCKS Magazine just came out, and you can check-out the Digital Edition by following this link.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pressure sores can be prevented!

To make a very long and agonizing story short and sweet, at different times over the years, pressure sores have made Scott's life quite difficult -- but largely through the use of the patented EASE Seating System and the amazing suppport offered by its inventor Rex Taylor and his colleagues, Scott is currently, happily, pressure-sore free. Those in wheelchairs who have suffered from pressure sores and their loved ones know that this is serious cause for celebration.

Scott can give you more specifics on these experiences, but you can also visit Mr. Taylor's website at for more information on pressure sores and how his patented invention prevents them, to read moving customer testimonials and endorsements from medical professionals, and to get the contact information you need to set up a free consultation. And for you, Mr. Taylor, endless thanks... for everything!

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Wheelchair Diffusion blog...

Here are the highlights of the current offerings from The Wheelchair Diffusion blog, which is published by United Spinal Association as part of their comprehensive Guide to Wheelchairs and Assistive Technology. The Wheelchair Diffusion blog offers a free newsletter and links to a lot of free disability information.

Recent Posts
. Topchair Stair Climber Wheelchair Ready To Climb
. WizzyBug - A Powered Wheelchair Just For Kids
. StairbustA Evacuation System Wins Design Award
. Shielding The Powered Wheelchair User
. Art On The Roll

. Assistive Technology/Aids
. At The Hub
. General
. Hurricane Katrina Relief
. Manual Wheelchairs
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. New On The Scene
. Power Wheelchairs
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. Crip Chronicles
. Get Around Guide -- the blog
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. Disability Rants
. Disability Studies, Temple U.
. Down The MS Path
. Dream Mom
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. Fangworld
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. Growing Up With A Disability
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. Parents with Disabilities
. Ragged Edge online
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. Rollingpix
. The Gimp Parade
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. The Meanderings of a Politically Incorrect Crip
. The Willawomen
. Wheelchair Dancer
. Wheelie Catholic

Wow: Free Wheelchair Mission

The Free Wheelchair Mission transforms lives through the gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries "as motivated by Jesus Christ." Their first step was to develop the least expensive wheelchair satisfying the greatest range of needs, and the second step was to dispense the wheelchairs at no cost to the physically disabled poor in developing countries on a non-discriminatory basis. THE WHEELCHAIR uses simple common parts, easily assembled with little instruction, and the components nest together efficiently insuring modest shipping costs. The average cost in 2006 to manufacture, ship and distribute a wheelchair was $44.40. An extraordinarily modest investment of $44.40 provides mobility, restores dignity, and gives someone and the associated family a chance for a better life.

More information online here:

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Little help on Ricon 2900 Series Door Openers, please?

Will very much appreciate anyone looking at these schematics, reviewing our dilemma and sharing any thoughts or ideas. We tried reversing polarity on the motors, nothing then worked. So, we tried switching the left and right units, right still opened first... flipped the cables, same... Help?

Please click here to download the full-size JPEG version of the schematics.

. Current function: opening - right door tries to open, trips limit switch and sends power to left door, which then opens until tripping a limit switch that stops the process...closing - left door closes/limit switch/right door closes.

. What we need: opening - left door opens, trips limit switch sending power to right door, right door opens, tripping limit switch to stop the process...closing - right door/limit switch/left door closes.

PS - Concerning the schematics...the wiring connections noted at the top plug are for wiring to a remote control unit that sends a positive signal to the open sequence on one button...and to the close sequence on another button. It is very possible that the problem is there, as directions may have been given for a van. (Right door open first.)

Thank you very much for any help/ideas! -- Scott

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Check us out in Truck&SUV Magazine's January 2007 SEMA Showcase...

Big thanks to Devlin Smith of Trucks & SUVs magazine for including news from Scott Darnell in her "What's the Latest" feature in the January issue.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shout out to Thorbecke Brothers &

Scott visited with the Thorbecke Brothers, the guys behind, yesterday, and asked me to post a quick shout-out and a "Thanks for the great customer service and the friendly reception."

Check 'em out....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 2007 media update....

Here's wishing you a very happy new year, and hoping that 2007 is a great one for all of us. There is much to report from HQSD -- here's a quick catch-up.
. Scott's SEMA news made front-page news in local newspapers, and has achieved worldwide exposure online constantly since his blog went live back on Oct. 2. The DMS-3 is also set to be covered in the next edition of P/N: Paraplegia News.
. Scott Darnell is involved on a daily basis to move the company's business development activities forward. VIP meetings are proceeding and producing real results, to be reported here as soon and as often as possible.

. Thanks to interest and vast positive feedback pouring in from all around the world, Scott Darnell's story is shaping up very nicely. Please stay tuned!

Scott Pruett's Accessible Jeep

We met Scott Pruett at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. "I've always been into outdoor sports," he writes, "and have recently built an accessible Jeep for the purposes of finding a means of getting back into the great outdoors, which, for obvious reasons, a wheelchair typically prohibits." Check out Mr. Pruett's Jeep below, and his personal site here: