Thursday, March 01, 2007

Little help on Ricon 2900 Series Door Openers, please?

Will very much appreciate anyone looking at these schematics, reviewing our dilemma and sharing any thoughts or ideas. We tried reversing polarity on the motors, nothing then worked. So, we tried switching the left and right units, right still opened first... flipped the cables, same... Help?

Please click here to download the full-size JPEG version of the schematics.

. Current function: opening - right door tries to open, trips limit switch and sends power to left door, which then opens until tripping a limit switch that stops the process...closing - left door closes/limit switch/right door closes.

. What we need: opening - left door opens, trips limit switch sending power to right door, right door opens, tripping limit switch to stop the process...closing - right door/limit switch/left door closes.

PS - Concerning the schematics...the wiring connections noted at the top plug are for wiring to a remote control unit that sends a positive signal to the open sequence on one button...and to the close sequence on another button. It is very possible that the problem is there, as directions may have been given for a van. (Right door open first.)

Thank you very much for any help/ideas! -- Scott


  1. Problem solved....

    :^) -- Roger D.

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Did the problem get solved? basically an easy fix, the rear door operator goes to the front truck door and the front door operator goes to the rear door. Also instead of the arm going over the top to open and close, the arm will go under the pivot point. We installed 50 of those using the simple steps above.
    We also have our own proprietary PCB door controller that works the factory latches and (2) linear actuators. Designed in house can be used on any vehicle. Custom brackets available if we have a vehicle here to proto. We have CNC plasma and waterjet capabilities.
    Edward Pic
    Epic Manufacturing