Friday, May 25, 2007

The Wheelchair Diffusion blog...

Here are the highlights of the current offerings from The Wheelchair Diffusion blog, which is published by United Spinal Association as part of their comprehensive Guide to Wheelchairs and Assistive Technology. The Wheelchair Diffusion blog offers a free newsletter and links to a lot of free disability information.

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Wow: Free Wheelchair Mission

The Free Wheelchair Mission transforms lives through the gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries "as motivated by Jesus Christ." Their first step was to develop the least expensive wheelchair satisfying the greatest range of needs, and the second step was to dispense the wheelchairs at no cost to the physically disabled poor in developing countries on a non-discriminatory basis. THE WHEELCHAIR uses simple common parts, easily assembled with little instruction, and the components nest together efficiently insuring modest shipping costs. The average cost in 2006 to manufacture, ship and distribute a wheelchair was $44.40. An extraordinarily modest investment of $44.40 provides mobility, restores dignity, and gives someone and the associated family a chance for a better life.

More information online here: