Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Thank you very much for visiting the official website of Changing Stares, Inc., the consulting practice of mobility solutions provider Scott Darnell.

Since experiencing a life-altering spinal injury in 1991 at the age of 27, Scott has risen as a nationally recognized expert on the mobility needs of wheelchair users. A highly resourceful, ambitious, independent C-5/6 quadriplegic, he has counseled medical professionals, others with spinal injuries and their families, transforming his experiences and dreams into numerous inventions aimed at helping create important new mobility options for others in chairs.

Scott has earned recognition for innovation, ambition and passion, having designed successful, stylish and award-winning custom mobility solutions for himself and other drivers in wheelchairs. In the recent past, his support for others has been especially hands-on, interfacing directly with U.S. regional and national government officials to ensure his and his partners’ custom solutions gain all necessary permits and approvals.

Building on these experiences, Scott’s counsel continues to grow more impactful. Constantly at work on original product ideas and consulting on custom projects, he values friends new and old, and looks forward to helping everyone succeed.

Please contact Scott to discuss your situation today. He looks forward to hearing from you and helping you find the perfect solution.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Honor military veterans

Today is Veterans Day here in America, a day of honor and celebration that has its roots in "the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month" of 1918, when Germany signed the Armistice to end World War I. I have written before about what this day means to me. My military service took place during the relatively peaceful era of 1985 to 1990, but it still wasn't all that easy. I know firsthand about the dread of boot camp, and the difficulty of enduring even basic training... but to me, my motivation was clear: I wanted to serve my country.
Through those experiences and others, I came to have ultimate respect for those who have gone far beyond "basic training" to become the Marines, the SEALS, and other elite members of our special forces... whose bravery and daily commitments are seemingly made of granite. It is nearly impossible to duly honor them and express the appreciation they deserve.
Below, I am very proud to share the touching personal message I received from my cousin, whose son graduated around this time in 2011 as a Navy SEAL. Throughout the ordeal of her son's training, we received updates of the harrowing experiences -- one after the other -- that this young man, and others like him, were willingly facing in order to serve our country. He was literally knocked back time and again, and each time, he stepped back up with even more determination; he never gave up, and today, his dream of being one of America's finest and best trained specialists is a reality. And like everyone who wears a military uniform, ultimately, he did all of this to serve us.

As you read this and otherwise participate in Veterans Day in your chosen ways, please think of those young people who have dedicated their lives to the military, and consider reaching out somehow to let them know you appreciate them. Also, I invite you to learn more about the Wounded Warriors Project, and consider making a donation. Thank you!