Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pressure sores can be prevented!

To make a very long and agonizing story short and sweet, at different times over the years, pressure sores have made Scott's life quite difficult -- but largely through the use of the patented EASE Seating System and the amazing suppport offered by its inventor Rex Taylor and his colleagues, Scott is currently, happily, pressure-sore free. Those in wheelchairs who have suffered from pressure sores and their loved ones know that this is serious cause for celebration.

Scott can give you more specifics on these experiences, but you can also visit Mr. Taylor's website at for more information on pressure sores and how his patented invention prevents them, to read moving customer testimonials and endorsements from medical professionals, and to get the contact information you need to set up a free consultation. And for you, Mr. Taylor, endless thanks... for everything!