Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pressure sores can be prevented!

To make a very long and agonizing story short and sweet, at different times over the years, pressure sores have made Scott's life quite difficult -- but largely through the use of the patented EASE Seating System and the amazing suppport offered by its inventor Rex Taylor and his colleagues, Scott is currently, happily, pressure-sore free. Those in wheelchairs who have suffered from pressure sores and their loved ones know that this is serious cause for celebration.

Scott can give you more specifics on these experiences, but you can also visit Mr. Taylor's website at for more information on pressure sores and how his patented invention prevents them, to read moving customer testimonials and endorsements from medical professionals, and to get the contact information you need to set up a free consultation. And for you, Mr. Taylor, endless thanks... for everything!


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    How does it work

  2. Anonymous8:44 PM

    What does the cushion actually look like? There are no pictures of the cushion without the cover.

  3. Hi there:

    If you'd left your email address, I'd have responded to you directly. I encourage you to visit this link for contact information for Rex Taylor, who can provide photos, etc.:

  4. Hi,

    Just wondering if Ease Cushion will work for me because of my weight (325) pounds.

  5. It has "sleeves" over the top surface of the cushion, with a foam base...the sleeves are inflated/deflated every 10 - 15 minutes, the pump runs for 8 - 15 seconds. Different "sleeves" are manipulated to reduce pressure and promote circulation. clean1, this cushion has just been approved for military air use - which - I am not positive but would guess - would put similar weight on the seat with the parachute, helmet, electronics, etc.

  6. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Isn't it true that this cushio is made of foam?

  7. tee277:19 AM

    I had actually tried this cushion at rehab. They had one that was purchased months earlier and had not been used because it pressure mapped so poorly under the first person. It didn't do me a bit of good either. There was no massaging action or lifting, just noise. As a basic foam cushion it is about average but toss the pump box cause it does nothing.

  8. The top layer of the cushion - I have had mine apart - is about an inch thick. Rather than refer to the pockets in it as "sleeves" let’s see if this visualization makes it clearer - imagine you are looking down onto a pie (an "air" pie in our illustration) has been cut into 8 pieces...during the first fifteen minutes that the cushion is on, pieces 1 - 3 - 5 - 7 are full of air, and pieces 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 are empty...the pump kicks on for 8 - 15 seconds, while it is running, it is filling with air pieces 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 and letting the air out of pieces 1 - 3 - 5 - 7…it repeats this pattern the entire time it is on.

    That is the basis for this cushion, but there are more than 8 "pieces."

    Were it simply "foam" then it would appear to be "magic foam" as I had skin shear from my sliding board back-to-back-to-back – coupled with my current cushions inability to protect my fragile skin upon healing - keeping me in bed for most of ten months…prior to going to bed, I tried EVERYTHING to stay in my chair and heal with the help of my trusty low-profile Roho cushion – that had kept me sore-free for 15 years – raised a footrest to ease the pressure on my right ischial, had a bracket made to hold my leg out straight and up to alleviate pressure, used these AND spent all my time in a reclined position, and ended up with terrible sweats/uncontrollable spasms/misery/bed. I had researched such air-fluctuation-cushions before, and had spoken with their creators…I simply could not afford their cushions. I learned of Ease Cushion from the UAB resource website ( ) and saw that it was over $1,000.00 less than its lowest price competitor, and I, too Anonymous, feared it too good to be true. I was desperate, though, and scrounged up the money…I received the cushion, took a week to put it on my chair – terrified it would not work, but more so that it would make it worse. I got on the cushion for 14 – 16 hours a day, my sore was a grade 2…in three days, my sore had healed over.

    Will user’s experiences vary…absolutely. In my case, though, the Ease Cushion got me my life back…literally…so I have a hard time believing, “tee27”, that this is the same cushion you had your experience with. Re-enforcing my thoughts are the recent approval for these cushions within a large segment of the aeronautical industry – of which, stringent and extensive testing/requirements had to be surpassed.

  9. Anonymous9:18 AM

    You must have a different cushion than the one that I tried. Mine was just a carved piece of foam with tubes sticking out the back end.
    I didn’t cut the foam pad apart like you did so I’m not sure what is inside the foam cushion. As far as I could tell it was just tubes sticking into the foam pad. I don’t want to cut the pad up to find out. Now I am curious about the pump box. Maybe that’s the problem. I will it up to see what I can find out. Maybe it’s a simple fix.

  10. Just a note that I got my Ease Cushion a week ago from my vendor.
    I mentioned that I am 325 pounds and just to let you know that it works great so far. I am recovering from a stage 4 pressure sore on my butt,I have nurses come every day to change my dressing and they are really happy how it is still closing after me being in my chair for 4-6 hours per day. I want to try 6-8 hours a day in a weeks time.

    My cushion has foam around the edge with 6 air bladders in the middle and is covered with high dense foam.

    The Ease Cushion is doing what Mr. Taylor said it wound do. Very happy so far ! Will give up date in a week.

    August 30th


  11. kprollin6:32 AM

    There aren't any pictures of the cushion pad uncovered like there are of the mattress on the Ease website. I can understand why there are questions regarding this cushion. People want to know what they are buying. I will describe my Ease cushion in detail.

    1) The pad is 5 and ½ inches tall and is constructed of foam. There are no visible air sacks, just foam so I can't tell if my cushion has more than 6 bladders. This is a good quality foam. It does increase the overall sitting height, in my case by about 3 inches so adjustments have to be made to the chair to compensate.

    2) The control box has a set of two pumps. The Medo brand pumps are very small, about 3 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. About the same size as a 20 gauge shotgun shell. The pump is made in Japan and I found a datasheet on this model online. One thing that stands out as a concern is the expected life of this pump per the datasheet is only 150 hours.

    3) There is a metal valve of some sort to send the air to the pad. The valve is operated by a GWS servo motor. This is the same type of servo that is used in radio controlled model airplanes There is a thin wire that connects from the servo to the metal valve. I have no opinion on how durable or reliable this arrangement. The servo is made in Taiwan.

    4) The battery is from batteries plus.

    5) To operate the cushion you need to open the cover and peel back a piece of foam to get to the on/off switch. Next to the on off sliding switch you will find the warning lights but you can’t see them when the case cover is closed. That is a strange arrangement. You need to peel back the cover and foam and slide the switch to a 3rd position to recharge the battery.

    The battery cannot be re-charged until the battery has been discharged to a certian level or you will lose battery capacity and the battery will not last nearly as long. It’s called the memory effect

    The pump case is small and the noise is not too intense. My biggest issue with this cushion is that there didn't seem to be any difference in the feel of the pad when it is doing its pumping. Its hard to tell if this cushion is doing any good regarding circulation.

  12. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I was looking around on the internet for the ease cushion and found mixed reviews. One thing which concerns me is the return policy. The cushion can be returned for a refund but I would have to pay $500 for the cushion. This upsets me more and more when I think about this. How can they justify $500 for a cushion?

  13. James2:42 PM

    Well, I must agree with some of the comments from the two previous posts. I purchased the ease cusion and did not feel the pressure relief was worth the cost of the cushion. I actually found it to be uncomfortable and irritating. That was when I discovered the return policy. Saying I was unhappy is an understatement.

  14. Anonymous4:57 AM

    It is also my understanding that this is a foam cushion. Nevermind the rediculous comment about magic foam.
    The company will not let me try the cushion, I must buy it. It is also my understanding that if I buy this foam cushion for $2200 and I want to return it for a refund, that they will keep $500 and not accept the return of the foam pad. The reason for this is that the foam pad was custom sculpted just for my butt. I know the cost of a piece of foam to be around $20 yet they intend to keep $500? I don't think so.

  15. Excellent portrayal of the Ease Cushion...a couple of points:

    - 150 hours of run time on the pump...I am well beyond that and have not seen any sign that I need to shop replacements...and...I could be wrong, but Rex seems to be in the "cushion" business, not the "spare parts" business. This is not Norelco.

    - The warning lights concern...I, personally, would rather have an L.E.D. warning light up by my joystick when there is a it is, though, the sound of the alarm that goes off when there is a cushion/pump miscue, more than compensates for the flashing light in the bag I cannot see.

    - Just because you do not understand the science does not mean it hasn't made unbelievable changes in people’s most certainly has.

    - Pricing...I am with you...I was the same way, but the other two options I found were $2,600.00 and over $6,000.00 respectively…so I waited…then, after much more time in bed, I found Ease Cushion/rolled the dice and scraped up the money/was still skeptical while it sat on the couch for over a week/and it worked!

    - So, maybe there was some confusion and some of these other cushions weren’t really Ease Cushions…maybe they were earlier versions that were then still lacking…maybe there were some issues that prohibited a full exchange rate…all I know is this – Rex has been splendid in warranting my cushion…given the opportunity…I’ll bet he would be the same in all matters. Give him a chance…give him a call.

  16. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I have a few questions to ask.
    How long have you personally been confined to a wheelchair?
    Are you employed or being paid money from Easecusion or Rex Taylor?


  17. June 29, 1991 was the date of my life-changing dive - shattered fifth vertebrae...and I am not in the employ of Ease Cushion, Rex Taylor, or any of their affiliates.

    You, as a skeptical buyer, are questioning a believer…someone who believes this product helped me get out of bed…

  18. blogg5:27 PM

    All I know is my therpaist has never heard of this cushion or this company. Ease has never advertised in any disabled publication and I have been receiving these publications for 10 years. The testimonials on their website all sound like this is the best product ever devised by man. I called them to see about a trial and they say no way. I will lose $500 if I try this cushion and I then return for a refund. The $500 is for a $20 piece of foam. I am extremely skepitcal and will not bite. If I can't try it first I will not shell out $2200 and risk $500 if it does nothing for me.

  19. I completely understand...and do not blame you one bit...I was fully in your shoes/seat...I was at a point where I had to try something, and this was the cheapest route. It paid off splendidly.

    Here are the other options I had found -

    I found them, and Ease, at UAB's information site -

    Check the others out, contact those on the Ease page via e-mail...get their numbers and, together with your therapist, call them and pin them to the wall with questions - call me - 618-664-3178, if I can help.

    I understand your skepticism...we simply must be...and I am certainly not trying to talk you into all are obviously intelligent consumers who must validate such an expensive purchase. I can only voice my own experiences...that was fourteen years of no skin issues while on my low-profile shear from a sliding board, completely healed up twice but opened back up on the same Roho - but skin was obviously my Ease cushion, got up with the same fragile skin and the sore still open...I've not spent an extra minute in bed due to skin issues since, and the sore was literally closed in three days. That's it...

    Regardless of the path anyone takes, I sincerely hope it works for you...because I am very familiar with the position that requires someone's considering this option.

  20. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Can you post a picture of your cushion without the cover on it so readers can see exactly what this cushion looks like without having to pay $500?

  21. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I agree. I think someone that owns one of these cushions should post a picture of the cushion outside of the cover. In some of the previous posts there have been questions about what the cushion is actually made of. I find it very peculiar that the people at Ease will not show a picture of the actual cushion pad. Im my research into dynamic cushions Ease is the only company that does not show a picture of the pad. Aren't they proud of their product? Instead it sounds like the only way to see this cushion is to buy it and then if you don't like it and return for a refund, they keep $500 of your money? Surely I am not the only one that thinks this is wrong.

  22. Scott will probably respond to these anonymous postings, but I'm sure he would also appreciate some 'love' for all the trouble he's gone to to fill you guys in so far. Getting a camera and taking a picture is not so easy for a quad, and what he's doing and what he's done to share his perspective and respond to questions is purely out of the goodness of his heart in the spirit of trying to be helpful. Someone asked if he's employed by Ease Cushion or getting compensated, and as he explained, he is neither. So, while he will probably continue to field all of your queries and be as helpful as possible, if you put yourself in his position, I'm sure you'll realize that he's going to a lot of trouble just to be helpful -- and since everybody likes to be appreciated, please make an effort to be respectful of his situation in your queries....

    Thank you -- Roger D.

  23. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I have a website where there is a picture posted of the ease cushion outside of the cover.
    The address is

    On the right side of the page you will see a search button. Click on that and type in ease cushion. You will want to click on the string started by Waters3. Scroll down the scrolls and you will see the ease foam cushion.

  24. Anonymous1:51 PM

    The address for looking at a picture of the ease cushion outside of the cover is


  25. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I tried the cushion, hard as a rock. I asked for a refund, I had to pay for the pad. What a rip off!!!!!

    POS cushion