Scott Darnell

Since experiencing a life-altering spinal injury in 1991 at the age of 27, Scott has risen as a nationally recognized expert on the mobility needs of the wheelchair-bound. A highly resourceful, ambitious, independent C-5/6 quadriplegic, he has counseled medical professionals, others with spinal injuries and their families, transforming his experiences and dreams into numerous inventions aimed at helping create important new mobility options for others in chairs.

Scott has been recognized for innovation, ambition and passion, having designed successful, stylish and award-winning custom mobility solutions for himself and other drivers in wheelchairs. In the recent past, his support for others has been especially hands-on, interfacing directly with U.S. regional and national government officials to ensure his and his partners’ custom solutions gain all necessary permits and approvals.

Building on these experiences, Scott’s counsel continues to grow more impactful. Constantly at work on original product ideas, and consulting on custom projects, he values friends new and old, and looks forward to helping everyone succeed.

Cell: 1.618.292.1426

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  1. David Neiderman6:30 PM

    SCOTT!! Hello my OLD friend...:) just kidding. How are you? It has been too long since I have heard from you....I fell off the grid since I left for Daytona...I am back in LP and am separated from a woman who is my life. More importantly, I have a BEAUTIFUL daughter who is living with my parents until I get back on my feet with MY OWN residence that is stable enough for her to live in. PLEASE return with a response and let me know how you are doing and if you still live in IL. I don't have a phone right now but I DO have a FB and you could send me a message that way if you would like. I look very forward to hearing from you my friend. By the way....GREAT VIDEO!!!