Friday, September 04, 2015

Join us for Greenville's Bicentennial Celebration

Hi friends!

We'll have more news to share soon so please stay tuned. We are taking part this weekend in the city of Greenville's Bicentennial Celebration. As part of that, we will have some other fundraisers happening at our shared booth with Terra Mater on the north side of the square.

* Changing Stares T-shirts will be available - half of the profits will go to the Bond County Humane Society.

Gift Baskets will be raffled from the following:
. A Wine Basket donated by Tony & Tammy Gan of The Family Wine LLC
. A Toy Basket donated by Sherry Sutton of German Plumbing
. A Wine & Pasta Basket donated by Peggy Maupin
. A Bowl, Kitchen Towel & Fish Breading donated by Ellen & Tim Moore of Fezziwigs
. A Comets Basket donated by Janice McFarland of Sports Memories by Jan
. An Essential Oil Basket donated by Laura Weiss of Tranquil Touch

*Changing Stares T-shirts include drawings of my two characters – Vince & Able, from the word invincible - in situations that we enjoyed prior to our injuries, but now they are in their wheelchairs under the premise of, “Dream a little dream…” The first release has Able waterskiing - there are more to come!

Don't forget to register your e-mail here to keep tabs on our Indiegogo funding initiative to provide Free Ability Reports! Thanks so much to everyone who has made this weekend possible

PLEASE NOTE Baskets may be picked up immediately - or available at the Tranquil Touch, located at 110 E. Main St, Greenville, IL 62246 - 618-664-3909. If winners have not claimed within two business days, baskets will be awarded to second place finishers, and if not claimed within two more business days, baskets will go to third place finishers.

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